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“God has given us the condition to act out of passivity and develop an attitude of concrete and full love. Everyone who participates in this movement already feels in their heart the soul warmed by the little they do. Imagine the strength this has!”.

Photo: Flavio Ortiz

Rossandro Klinjey is today one of the great friends of the cause of Fraternity without Borders. The Assiduous and present promoter, the psychologist and writer has been spreading the dream of a fairer world without hunger wherever he goes since he learned more about the initiative.

Whenever he can, Rossandro appears wearing the FSF t-shirt even though the subject of his talk/interview is not necessarily this one.



He recently wrote the book “I choose to be happy” and donated the royalty income to Fraternity Without Borders.

Active, Rossandro has been carrying the message of hope through every channel he has the opportunity to speak. The FSF is grateful for all your unconditional support.

To watch Rossandro’s complete lecture at the last Fraternity Without Borders Meeting, just play down here 😉