The Boa Vista Junina (Junine festivities are traditional harvest festivals all over Brazil) marked the first time that these indigenous refugees and migrants were able to sell their handicrafts in a large fair open to the public.   In Boa Vista, Roraima, the project “Brazil, a heart that welcomes”, of the humanitarian organization Fraternity Without
The young Antony Goméz, 20, walked 93 miles to get to Boa vista and today lives in one of Fraternity without Borders’ Reception Centers in Brazil.   The scene on the photo is repeated daily. Anthony Gomés, 20, is a young Venezuelan athlete, now a refugee living in one of the Reception Centers of the


The cause of the children with microcephaly in northeastern Brazil started with the work of the doctor and researcher, Adriana Mello – pHd in women ‘s health and fetal health specialist. For 20 years she has been performing ultrasound in pregnant women and since 2005 she has been doing research. In October of 2015, when