Welcoming, transforms.

The Fraternity in the Street Project works expansively in the creation, maintenance, and expansion of several work fronts in the transformation of homeless people in Brazil, and in the United States. 

  • Campo Grande/MS/Brazil: Unit I of Clínica da Alma (Clinic of the Soul) serves 350 people. Helping in the free treatment and recovery of chemical dependents, who were in street situation.
  • Uberlândia/MG/Brazil: The construction of Unit II of Clínica da Alma (Clinic of the Soul) aims to offer free shelter and treatment for recovering chemical dependents. In addition to training and reinsertion into the job market.
  • São Paulo/SP/Brazil: The São Paulo/SP hub offers social rentals for families who were unemployed and homeless during the Covid-19 pandemic. It also provides professional training assistance in the search for a source of income.
  • Rio de Janeiro/RJ/Brazil: The implementation of the Reference Shelter Center for homeless people offers screening and individual follow-up. Some of the services offered are food, haircuts, training, reinsertion in the job market, medical, psychological, dental care, and much more!
  • New York/USA: The center offers approximately 250 meals and water once a month.
  • Las Vegas/USA: Provides about 250 meals with water, juice, coffee, and dessert every Sunday. Besides food, clothes, shoes, sheets, towels, blankets, and personal hygiene products are delivered.
  • Denver/USA: Distributes 60 snacks, fruit, and water every Sunday.

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The humanitarian organization Fraternity without Borders (FWB) launched last Sunday, September 27, the campaign for the expansion of the Fraternity in the Street Project in partnership with Clínica da Alma (Clinic of the Soul). The project, which already has a pole in MS, will be expanded to the cities of Rio de Janeiro/RJ, São Paulo/SP, and Uberlândia/MG, with the possibility of reaching other regions of the country and supporting existing initiatives.

The goal is to provide several action fronts, and in Rio de Janeiro/RJ, the proposal is to create a Reference Shelter Center for homeless people, with a place for hygiene, meals, reinsertion in the job market, and health care.

In São Paulo/SP, the work will be for the solidarity rental assistance to families that became unemployed and homeless during the Covid-19. And in Uberlândia/MG will be the implementation of the second unit of Clínica da Alma (Clinic of the Soul) (in the model already exists in MS)[…]