“The more we dedicate ourselves to the other, the more we want to do it” – Prince Kalolo. By: Suelen Targon  – journalist volunteer FWB Amidst so many events in the world, there are still those who care about their fellow man, dedicating themselves to a life of love and Ubuntu, as is the story
The launch will be live stream, next Sunday, through the NGO’s social media and partners channels By: Laureane Schimidt – Press Office FWB The humanitarian organization Fraternity Without Borders (FWB) will launch next Sunday, September 27th, at 4PM (Brasília time), through social media, the campaign for the expansion of the project Fraternity in the Street,
The quiet night at Lousanne, Switzerland, went through normally when Marcos Paganini woke up with a fixed idea on his mind: “I have to do something, beyond my donation action. I know a lot of people, I am a high executive in a company for several years and lived in the entire world. The best
It will be the third stage of the Living Fraternity Campaign to collect food, hygiene materials and protection items for the indigenous people By Laureane Schimidt – press officer, with collaboration from Giovanna Percio On Friday (24), the humanitarian organization Fraternity Without Borders (FWB) launched the third stage of the Living Fraternity Campaign – Curumim
The International Meeting, created by the NGO, which will be held in Switzerland in August 2020 has the mission of spreading fraternity around the world Brazil, 27th November, 2019 – “One people, One heart” is the theme of the I International Meeting promoted by the brazilian non-government organization Fraternity Without Borders (FWB) which will take