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Pedro has found us!

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God has permitted us to find Pedro during the humanitarian health mission assistance in Mozambique, this Sunday (8). This time, at the “April 7th” community center opening. Pedro is 1 year and 4 months old, he is HIV positive and suffers from severe malnutrition. The virus was contracted through maternal breastfeeding. The mother, young and inexperienced, did not know the contraindication to breastfeeding her child.

Pedro was hospitalized at the regional hospital, accompanied by his mother, already guided and under Fraternity without Borders responsibility.  Both of them proceed with treatment and our boy will soon be well. Mother and child are going to be monitored from now on, at FWB community center.

Pedro and his fragility give us a hint about the challenges and vulnerability we have found at the areas non-assisted by this cause of fraternity. We continue confident in the movement that unites and pushes us on.