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ÚLTIMAS PUBLICAÇÕES: Brasil, um coração que acolhe

In Roraima there are 4 work fronts embracing up to 1500 sheltered people. By Taemã Oliveira, FWB/Boa Vista, RR, Brazil press office   The Project Brazil, a heart that welcomes, of the humanitarian organization Fraternity without Borders (FWB), located in the state of Roraima is undergoing a restructuring and tripling the capacity to receive Venezuelan
In Roraima, “Brazil, a heart that welcomes” project had a special program at International Women’s Day for Venezuelan refugees and migrants. At the Capacitation and Reference Center, in Pacaraima, the women had dance class, lunch, and a Personal Entrepreneurship course. By Taemã Oliveira, FWB Press Officer. The “Brazil, a heart that welcomes” (BHW) project, from
By Taemã Oliveira, FWB/Boa Vista press office – Roraima   Hold your heart, hold your emotions, here comes an exciting story. The projects Fraternity on the Street, with its São Paulo branch, and “Brazil, a heart that welcomes”, in Roraima, both from the humanitarian organization Fraternity Without Borders (FWB), got together in August 2021 for
By Taemã Oliveira, press office FWB/Boa Vista – Roraima   The Brazil Project, welcoming heart and  Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organization, Fraternidade sem Fronteiras (FSF), in Roraima, is making a campaign to collect school supplies for refugees and Venezuelan migrants. The donations can be: school notebooks of 10, 15 and 20 subjects, pencils, erasers, pens, backpacks and