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“My journey to Africa was certainly one of the most incredible and intense experience that I have ever had. Only after I met, received the hugs and the gratitude from the people there, I could understand the importance of this project to them. Undoubtedly, FWB changes their world.
width=”960”] Alok e a vovó Amélia[/caption]

Fraternity Without Borders is a movement that gained force thanks to so many hearts willing to do good. One of these hearts is DJ Alok’s, which two years ago embraced the cause and has been effectively participating in this dream for a better world.

DJ Alok has met Fraternity through his friend and multiplier Andrei Moreira. Moved by internal questionings, Alok sought about the NGO when he found out that his life would be more meaningful if he could help the collective. Since then, he has already been in Mozambique twice, visiting villages and meeting the reality there. Last year, he and his brother, DJ Baskar, produced a CD “Chants for Africa” and donated all the income to FSF’s cause.

“Sometimes we want to knock on someone’s door to ask for help and this person doesn’t feel moved by that, but when the person feels the need to help things happen in a much stronger way”, stated him while telling about his self-knowledge journey that made him want to do more for people.


“”I had never seen a place with such misery and poverty before. The scenes are very strong, hard to deal with. They don’t really live, they just survive”, stated him, when he met the reality of the Mozambican villages.