Chemin du

It is estimated that at least 30,000 young boys do not have a home in Dakar, capital of Senegal.

According to the UN, this is the most aggravating situation of child neglect and homelessness in the world.  In order to help, a group of volunteers founded Chemin du Futur (A path to the future), an orphanage that provides affection and education for homeless children in Dakar.

Fraternity without Borders supports this project since 2011 and today the orphanage is sustained by sponsors that contribute monthly with this cause. The project offers these children the opportunity of receiving health care and a proper education that includes sports, music lessons and job training. In our orphanage we also have a kitchen garden and poultry farm and our purpose is not only to make the project self-sustainable, but also to enable those young adults to work with farming in the near future.

We are working together to make those profitable activities as successful as, therefore, allowing us to shelter more Senegalese street children.

Watch the children's routine at the orphanage

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