Hands on duty of love

Thanks to the several keen Hearts, our love movement is increasing from day to day. We are filled with joy! To meet the needs of our cause, we have a collaborators’ team who is maintained by resources that came from FSF products selling, as t-shirts, lovey, CDs, cap, etc, and also by the financial resources that come from events organized in favor of FSF. We are a family made by collaborators and volunteers that believe in the same purpose: a world without hunger and with more love. 

Culture Code


As Fraternity is one of our values, you can expect to be treated by FSF with respect and welcome.

of Being

As the Human Being valuation is one of our values, we respect and appreciate the cultural and religious diversity.

to purpose

As the fidelity to purpose is one of our values, we are continuously striving to be a role model on practicing our values.


As espirituality is one of our values, we respect others spiritual beliefs, always looking for the harmony.


As sustainability is one of our values, we accomplish with dedications and excellence our responsibilities and assignments.

Team testimonials

Our Team

Meet our Executive Board, collaborators in our office at Campo Grande/MS/Brazil, our regional representatives, and projects and caravan’s coordinators.

Executive Board

From 11/15/2019 to 11/15/2024

Wagner Moura

Founder President (Volunteer)

Ranieri Dias

Vice-President (Volunteer)

Andrei Moreira

Public Relations Director (Volunteer)

Paulo Melo

Administrative Director (Volunteer)

Associated Director

Administrative and Finance Associated Directo

Elza Pereira da Silva (Volunteer)

Deputy Director of Public Relations

Wender Moura Gomes (Volunteer)

Supervisory Board

Assignee Supervisory Board

Antonio Almeida Foscaches (Volunteer)
Marcilio Maciel dos Santos (Volunteer))
Rubens de Carvalho Rodrigues (Volunteer)

Alternate Supervisory Board

Denize Cafure Melgarejo (Volunteer)
João Tertuliano dos Santos (Volunteer)


Elaine Oshiro

General Manager

Josette Daunis

Finance & Administrative Management

Bruna Marchena

Project Management

Marcele Aroca

Communication, Marketing & Relationship

Ângela Araújo

Volunteering Management

Hedi Silva

Projects Audit

Communication and Marketing

Laureane Schimidt

Communication Coordination

Taemã Oliveira

Communication Assistant

Gilmara e Marcelo Amorim

Screenplay and Video Production

Tatiane Resende

Marketing and Events Coordination

Fernanda Calixto

Graphical Designer

Grid Matos

Editing and Animating Videos

Kethelyn Silva

Communication Assistant


Mayara Tayanne

Marketing Assistant

Marco Antônio

Communication Assistant

Rogério Nunes

Front-End Developer


Letícia Santos

Relationship Coordination

Anatalia Godoy


Nicolas Ribas


Nair Gavilan


Fabiana Ajala


Anatalia Godoy


Financial and Administrative

Maria Rita

Finance Coordination

Roberto Lobato


Thais de Souza

Social Worker

Daniela Acosta

Administrative Coordination

Nayara Santos


Auta Martins

Social Worker

Guiga Melo

Finance Coordinator Assistance (Volunteer)

Jaíne Costa


Lorena Ferreira


Eliane Acosta


Gislaine Diniz

Personnel Department

Carlos Augusto

Volunteering Assistance

Gift Center

Julia Tavares

Gift Center

Danielle Barbosa

Gift Center

Project Coordination

Allan Xavier

Welcoming Mozambique

Giovanna Gadia

Fraternity on the Street – Uberlândia/MG/Brazil Group

Aline Silva

Garden of Butterflies

Bismark Araújo

Portraits of Hope

Arthur Dias

Brazil, a heart that welcomes

Dante Furlan

Fraternity on the Street – São Paulo/SP/Brazil Center

Adriana Melo

Microcephaly: Love with no Dimensions

Priscila Alexandre

Welcoming Mozambique

Edimilson Neto

Chemin du Futur

Marcos Prediger

Fraternity on the Street – São Paulo/SP/Brazil Center

Romero Moreira

Microcephaly: Love with no Dimensions

Pr.Milton Marques

Clinic of the Soul MS (Partner of Fraternity on the Street)

Isabel Nascimento

Fraternity on the Street – Rio de Janeiro/RJ/Brazil Center

Clarissa Paz

Ubuntu Nation

International Groups

Rejane Hostettler

Swiss Center

Gilson Guimarães

United Kingdom Center

Angelita de Paula

United States of America Center

Marcio Lee

Canadian Center

Caravan Coordination


Andrei Moreira

Malawi: Caravan of Health

Álvaro Mordechai

Mozambique: General Caravan

Afonso N. Satyaki

Mozambique: Caravan of Health

Ângela Martins

Madagascar: Odontology

Célia Leão

Mozambique: General Caravan

Claudia Chiavegato

Malawi: Caravan of Health

Eliana Simioni

Mozambique: General Caravan

Giovanna Gadia

Mozambique: Caravan of Health

Lawrence Aquiles

Mozambique: Caravan of Health

Ranieri Dias

Mozambique:General Caravan

Rodolfo Gadia

Mozambique: Caravan of Health

Rodrigo Freitas

Mozambique: Caravan of Family

Sueli Rebello

Madagascar: General Caravan

Vilson Fileti

Malawi e Boa Vista (RR, Brazil): Caravan of Health

Wania Faria

Malawi e Boa Vista (RR, Brazil): Caravan of Health

Wellerson Santos

Mozambique: Caravan of Education