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There are many ways to participate and help FWB



You can help to maintain and ensure the continuity of Fraternity Without Borders humanitarian projects by being a sponsor. Sponsorship is a monthly donation of R$ 50.00 or more destined for the purchase of food, health care, studies, pedagogical and cultural activities, vocational training and building community centres. The sponsor receives periodically information about the evolution of the projects, has available its detailed accountability and they can participate in humanitarian missions to get to know the humanitarian work closely. Choose your heart's project and sponsor it. Together, we go further.

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Single donations

Donate any amount

Donations help to maintain Fraternity Without Borders humanitarian projects. People that donate can indicate a specific purpose to the resource or leave their management to FWB. Any amount donated is useful and it helps to make a better world.

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Deposit Account:

Banco do Brasil
Agency: 5783-5 Account Number: 26224-2

Banco do Bradesco
Agency: 3408-8 Account number: 22109-0

Banco Itaú
Agency: 0091 Account number: 53286-1

CNPJ 11.335.070/0001-17

humanitarian missions

Participate in humanitarian
missions as a volunteer

Travelling to get to know the sheltered children, the workers and the day-to- day in thesheltering center is to live a fraternal experience that you will treasure forever.

We organize humanitarian missions of volunteer sponsors to Mozambique and Madagascar in sub-Saharan Africa. To participate you must be a sponsor and be over 18 years old.

The simple intention to join us is already a reason of great joy!

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Se torne um multiplicador da causa

Você pode ajudar a divulgar a causa, convidando mais pessoas a se unirem ao movimento de fraternidade. Para ser um multiplicador, é preciso conhecer bem os projetos e semear com o coração, vivenciando os valores da causa. Gosta dessa ideia? Então, entre em contato conosco pelo email para conversarmos e disponibilizarmos materiais de apoio.

Sugerimos desde já a leitura do Guia de Divulgação da FSF.   

Faça parte desta corrente de amor.


Organizing events in behalf
of the cause

Holding a fundraising event helps to spread the cause and raises funds for the projects. You can organize bazaars, charitable promotions, and use your creativity to gather people and invite them to embrace the cause. If you like this idea, please contact us, and we will inform you on some procedures and verify the best way to support your solidarity initiative.

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We are on social networks: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Help spreading and sharing. Thus, we take the cause and the fraternity messages further, inviting people to work together for a better world.

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Become a fraternal volunteer

Working as a volunteer is very rewarding. You can use your creativity for good, donating time, your talent and especially your love. Volunteers from Brazil and abroad serve humanitarian work in different activities. They plan events, make crafts, sew dresses, translate texts, collect donations, spread knowledge, offer workshops, spread the cause to the press, produce videos… There's a lot to do for a better world! How would you like to help? Share your ideas with us.

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