Humanitarian Missions Destiny


Since humanitarian missions without borders began, we have heard from volunteer sponsors a recurring account: “we think that we are going there to donate but we discover that we are the ones who receive it”. This is the force of love in action. We wish you a happy trip to "inside" yourself, to meet the other and receive the joy of serving.

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Mozambique was the first project of FWB. Today, we have more than 25 community centres. Although we see results that fill the heart with pure satisfaction, there is still much to do. Children orphaned by HIV-dead parents, entire villages without clean water, people who stay for more than three days without any meals.

In a country where about 1 million people suffer from drought and hunger, your work of fraternal love will be more than welcome.

We are happy to be able to count on your willingness to help. We hope that this journey is transformative for your life and that the Mozambican people can captivate you with so much joy and overflowing love.

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A difficult reality that leads us to add much love and affection to the suitcase.

Madagascar is one of the poorest regions of the world, families suffer from hunger and constant thirst, acute malnutrition and lack of hygiene cause diseases such as teniasis, hookworm and many others. Bathing is only when it rains and the struggle for survival is constant.

Embarking on this caravan is knowing that it will take more than supplies or remedies, but also an extravagant dose of care, patience and dedication to make a difference in the world of men, women, the elderly and children who return with smiles and great joy all the care offered . A trip with no return to the best that exists inside us.

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A humanitarian mission for the Ubuntu Nation refugee center in Malawi is much more than a humanitarian trip, it is a journey into yourself in the deepest sense of the word. A community centre built next to a camp with 38,000 refugees from Congo, Burundi and Rwanda. Incredible stories of overcoming, union, and love for each other are impossible to be described here.

The project, born of the soul of the Brazilian volunteer, Clarissa, is now part of our hearts. When signing up, prepare yourself for a transformative experience of contact with the most suffering and the most beautiful of the human being. An ambiguity that enchants and thrills.

"I am what I am because we all are" is the Ubuntu philosophy. And that is why your help from your heart, will be welcomed by all the refugees who have been living in substandard conditions for more than 24 years, feeding themselves with 13kg of small pieces of corn, 1kg of beans, 1kg of soybeans and 200ml of oil per month and keeping the hope of better days alive within them. You are the hope!

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