Here you will find advance information about your caravan that will help you experience this unique moment of fraternity in the best way possible. Ubuntu Nation is the most recent project of the Fraternity without Borders, and we are looking forward to all the work ahead. United we will be able to bring medical care, food, and hope to people who carry within themselves the traumas of a life that has not been easy, and at the same time the joy of being able to share everything they have. Your help is for them the confirmation that it is worth having hope. It is important that you read the caravanner’s guide available below, thus making your trip smoother. Feel free to dive into this universe of solidarity.

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I feel very motivated, I feel a lot of love. This is my life, I must be in this because for me this is my commitment, my mission. I feel they are my family, and you don’t abandon family, right? So, I feel that I must do everything to be able to improve their situation. I feel we are equal; I feel that the world needs to understand that there is no question of race, color or religion. I feel that I must pass on as much love as I can pass on.”

Clarissa Pereira da Paz.


New project to support refugees in Malawi, 50,000 people expelled from their countries due to war, among them more than 20,000 children.