First Caravan of 2023

The first 2023 caravanners arrived in Mozambique on February 19. The caravan ended on March 1st, and it was the first one carried out by FWB in 2023. On the days they were there, the sponsors took care of the health of the assisted by the project, which was the purpose of the trip. They saw up close the FWB's work in the African country and experienced fun moments with the community".


Sewing Workshop

The sewing workshops for the women hosted by the project began in 2017. The products made by the students are mainly skirts and gowns from the partner brand Ubuntu Nation (an initiative that was born in the heart of the sponsor and volunteer Patrícia Espírito Santo), which are sold by “Acolher Mozambique”, in Maputo. They are also sold in Brazil, in various opportunities, to benefit the assisted. Four of the first students of the workshops have volunteered to teach the beginning sisters, while the older ones are trained to sew other types of clothes.


The Month of March for Young University Students

In March, two more young women earned their diplomas. From the village of Matuba, Floria Cuna finished her nursing course. And from the village of Namaacha, Cecília Mimbir became an Agro-Livestock technician. Also, during the health caravan, the students Helton Mupote and Racelina Mucavel, who participated in the University Youth project and completed the nursing course, accompanied the caravanners in search of new experiences.


Training for Project Leaders

The leadership of Acolher Mozambique underwent a training process on February 8. The workshops were based on the five values of FWB - fraternity, fidelity to the purpose, valuing the self, spirituality, and sustainable processes.


Campaign Carried Out Successfully!

The Mozambican Youth in School campaign has reached its goal! Our 1500 students will be enrolled in high school! Thanks to everyone who worked hard for the education of our assisted youth.


“To Sponsor a Project such as Shelter Mozambique is a blessed opportunity,

given by God. It is the opportunity to serve, to love. It is learning, and it is rewarding. Sponsorship is a tool for insertion, nourishment, education, transformation, and mainly a lot of love. This all adds to us and contributes a lot to our own developing process”

Paulo Melo – Sponsor of the Shelter Mozambique project and Financial Director of FWB