Sowing opportunities, reaping dignity

In Malawi, thanks to godfathers, godmothers, volunteers, friends, and sponsors of the cause, we have 12 hectares of land for planting, ensuring better nutrition for the residents. There are more than 800 trees of fruits and vegetables planted there, enabling about 700 people to be fed daily. 

These hectares are also used to teach children how to plant, cultivate, and harvest food. Strengthening the actions of sustainability.

We welcome the desire of refugee mothers to have a decent job through the Mothers of the Field initiative, which already embraces 270 women who work growing food on the project’s 12 hectares while their children attend daycare or school.


The school year for Ubuntu children

More classrooms have been built at Ubuntu School in 2022 with the opening of 150 more places to welcome new children by the Ubuntu Nation project. The new students will have two meals a day. A number that adds up to reach the school’s main goal: 9,000 students


First pedagogical caravan to Malawi

The first educational caravan to Malawi, a project of the Ubuntu Nation, will take place from July 15 to 29. Sponsors of FWB projects working in the field of education can sign up on the FWB website. The work will bring together the pedagogical, cultural and humanitarian aspects.


"The Ubuntu Nation project is my all-time motivation

Being able to do a little is a small grain of sand in a very big universe. To be able to be there, to feel all the vibration, all the love they give us, the way we are welcomed, is always a learning experience.”
Wânia Faria - Sponsor/Godmother of Ubuntu Nation project.