School construction in Matuba

The construction of the school is in full swing at our Reception Center in Matuba, Mozambique. From the goodwill of godfathers Taina and Renato, the school will benefit more than 700 children. In June, we received the visit of the sponsor and volunteer engineer, Guilherme Gontijo, who trained our construction team and also helped with the school’s subfloors.


University Students

Our first foster children have grown up, and some are already attending university. This is an achievement of all the godfathers and godmothers who believed in this dream, that when we dream together, the dream comes true. And today it is possible to sponsor young university students for as little as R$600.00 a month, and thus guarantee the course, didactic material, transportation, food, and housing (because the universities are far away from the Mozambican villages). To sponsor the initiative, click on the button below.


First corn harvest

The first harvest of corn in the field at the Welcome Center in Barragem has started! It was a moment of great joy and counted with the collaboration of the mothers from the Welcome Centers of Barragem, Muzumuia, and Matuba.


Visit by two project volunteers

In June, the project received two volunteers who came in a small general caravan. In this visit they provided resources for the project to start fencing a part, in Matuba, for the planting of manioc. Some centers were also revitalized with the help of the volunteers.


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"In 2019, we ran a campaign to raise funds for the purchase of a wheelchair.

In the 2019 caravan, I took the wheelchair with me to Mozambique, arriving there, on one of the days my group and I went to visit the villages and we found several women under a tree, one of them came to me to talk and told me that she was a mother of three children and was taking care of a niece named Mae, and that her biological mother abandoned her, and that Mae had a disability in which she could not walk. Then I remembered the wheelchair I had brought with me, I mentioned it to all the caravanning members of the group, and everyone was moved and decided to help them. The next day we delivered the wheelchair to Mae, it was a unique and exciting moment I believe God gave us this opportunity with a purpose!"

Eliana Simione - Sponsor and caravan coordinator from Mozambique