The children of Madagascar need
school supplies

For the children hosted by the Madagascar Action project to go back to school and continue dreaming about growing up based on their studies, school kits will be produced with notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, and whatever else is needed. Each kit costs $30 BRL. For this, single donations are being accepted, with a minimum value of $20 BRL.


Bathing lessons for Madagascar moms

Thanks to the drilling of the artesian well, Act Madagascar project sheltered people are enjoying clean drinking water. This water is enabling them to bathe regularly, including the newborns. Many of them had their first bath after days of being born. And many of the new moms did not have the practice of bathing their children. For this reason, the volunteer Eliana Longo has started giving classes to mothers on how to bathe newborns. The classes take place every day, helping five women and 11 babies

Heading to Madagascar

Next caravan to Madagascar is scheduled to take place from March 15 to April 2. If you are a FWB sponsor and want to see the work of the Act Madagascar project up close.

70 years without a doctor's appointment

That's Maka. A 70-year-old Malagasy gentleman. He carries a peculiarity: he has never been to a doctor's office due to lack of access. But because of a chest pain and a cough that had been with him for many months, Maka came to the Act Madagascar project to have his first doctor's appointment. The project's volunteer doctors helped him, diagnosing pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics. At the return appointment, Maka no longer felt the pain and was no longer coughing.


We had the beginning of the construction of water storage in two other Nutritional Centers . The communities of Maraimalai and Esanta will each get a water storage with capacity for 5 thousand liters. The Ambomalaza Nutritional Center had its water storage inaugurated in December. Now all the Nutrition Centers of the Madagascar Action project have a water storage, a very important and necessary achievement for the whole community.

Buildings and extensions

In 2022, the Nutritional Centers of the Act Madagascar project and the Field of Peace underwent expansions. These were the construction of new bathrooms, shower rooms and laundry rooms in the Medical Clinic inside the Field of Peace. The work was made possible thanks to the water coming from the artesian well drilled in the locality. Prior to this construction the bathrooms of the Medical Clinic were used collectively by patients and other people. But that is about to change! Exclusive bathrooms are being installed for the clinic's patients. The clean, drinkable water will also allow better quality of medical care and will provide conditions for better hygiene conditions for the patients.


"There I could see the power of one, the power of donation and how wonderful work is.

and how wonderful work is.Eu também estive em contato com a coisa mais triste da vida.I have worked for a lifetime with education, with children, and it was where I got in touch with the doldrums of hunger for the first time. So, we are dealing with that child that can barely stand up. It is a very big impact on our lives."

Maria Inês - Sponsor/Godmother of the Act Madagascar project