Collection of medicines

The project still needs donations to buy medicines and dressings for the treatment of the patients. The difficulties are many and the cost is too high to provide the patients with well-being and quality of life, costing, on average, more than BRA R$ 40,000 per patient.

Celebration of the Birthdays of the Month

The project has been carrying out throughout a monthly collection, in different WhatsApp groups, in order to organize and prepare a celebration of the little butterflies' birthdays: “Birthday of the Month” is the theme, and it has been very successful. Sponsors who want to contribute and participate should contact Aline Teixeira, coordinator of the Garden of Butterflies project, at +55 (77) 8815-2565.

New people assisted

We managed to get more children assisted by the project. Currently, about 110 “butterflies” are being assisted, which leads us to a reduction in the waiting list, which is still long. We welcome Ariely Lais - AM, Eloah Nunes - DF, Luana dos Santos - SP, Maria Aparecida - SP, and Mírian Aline - PR.


Dynamics of the Challenge

Let's tell you a little bit about how it all works. We have a multidisciplinary team: nurse, social worker, psychologist, pharmacist, and nutritionist. With this team, we guarantee the health follow-up of all 110 patients and the social status of the families, so we can provide them with everything they need. We also have an administrative team that guarantees the organization, transparency, and agility in all processes. To know better, watch the video: