Let's promote!

Garden of Butterflies holds a waiting list of 15 children with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). The cost to welcome a new child is high and at the moment we already have many of them with skin cancer, which demands attention from an oncologist and specific treatment. Thanks to each one of you, sponsors, we have managed to provide this treatment, but we always want to do more. If possible, present the project to more people. Let’s move more hearts. For everything, we thank you!


Charity Feijoada

On Abril the 29th we held the first charity feijoada on behalf of the Garden of Butterflies. The event took place at noon, at Gago Coutinho Street 149, Lapa, São Paulo. It was a buffet style. Adults paid R$60, and children R$30. There was music and bingo.


Walking in favour of butterflies

The first charity walking for this project took place on last March 12th. The walk started at Corrientes Street, São Paulo, and was attended by at least 50 people, who purchased the event T-shirt. The fund collected will be used to buy cream for the children's wounds.


Climbing for butterflies

The volunteer and ultramarathon runner Bruno Ribeiro climbed the highest mountain in the African continent in order to attract attention and donations to the Garden of Butterflies. The climbing was done from March 12th to 18th.


Rare Diseases Day

February 28th is the Rare Disease Awareness World Day. EB is a rare, genetic and hereditary disease that results in skin blisters caused by the slightest frictions and traumas, and they emerge since birth. For this day, our Butterflies made a special video.


Sending bandages to Butterflies

Members from the Germany Volunteer Center, sign a partnership with Sterna-Care, a representative for bandage companies, to send bandages to the project periodically. To start the action, a box with bandages costing nine thousand euros is already reserved to be sent to the Garden of Butterflies by a volunteer going to Brazil. A calendar has been prepared with the dates when the volunteers will be flying to Brazil, so that they can bring the donations with them. Thank you!


"It's gratifying to have a body almost entirely injury-free.

I know that getting here is not easy, but not everything in life is, so you just need to have faith and willpower. All this result comes from diet. I used to say 'I will make it, as everybody does, I will change my diet; why wouldn't I manage to have a healthy nutritional habits? '. It is hard because we have to quit eating some delicious food, but living without pain is what matters to me. I move on with increasingly incredible results and I will get even more! "

Janaína Santos - Assisted by the project