Super Bowl and Fraternity on the Street

Kansas City Chiefs won the last Super Bowl (the last game of the American Football championship organized by the National Football League – NFL) on February 12th in the United States. NFL Brazil held an event in the city of São Paulo so that the fans of this sport could watch the game.

The League seized the opportunity to collect food for the center of the Fraternity on the Street in São Paulo. People could pay half the price to enter if they donated a kilo of non-perishable food. This initiative raised about a ton of food for the project.


Dental Clinics

Our Campo Grande center, which works together with Clínica da Alma, is being expanded with two more dental clinics. The equipment and two compressors were donated and will soon be in use!


Training at the Clínica da Alma in Campo Grande

Clínica da Alma in Campo Grande is offering some courses to professionalize and reintegrate people supported by the project into the labor market. This time they offered a course on air conditioning maintenance. Nowadays, there are 10 students taking this course.


International Women’s Day

The center of Fraternity on the Street in the city of Rio de Janeiro paid a tribute to the women supported by the project so that they could feel special. The women were given a day of beauty with nail care, haircuts, makeup and new clothes. They also received a toiletry kit. There was yet a fashion show in which the women we support walked the runway.


Fundraiser in the Pão de Açúcar supermarket

Our center in the city of São Paulo spread shopping carts in front of three Pão de Açúcar supermarket stores on March 4th. The project managed to collect 250 kilos of food and part of them were given to the inhabitants of the northern coast of São Paulo state that were affected by the storms. Another part was donated to families supported by our project in São Paulo state.


Activities in the United States

In the United States, the activities of Fraternity on the Street usually take place in Las Vegas, Denver and New York. In Las Vegas, every Sunday lunch is served for the people we support in a place lent to our project. In Denver and New York, because lunch is served on the streets, we distribute industrialized food to the vulnerable population, a rule derived from the country’s law.


Donation to ABASC

The ABASC (Associação Brasileira de Ação Social Cristã – Brazilian Association of Christian Social Action) supports children and teenagers in a situation of vulnerability. The ONG has six centers and, in order to help them, the center of the Fraternity on the Streets in the city of São Paulo decided to donate food to ABASC’s center in São Bernardo do Campo. The donation was delivered on February 9th.


Fraternal Shower

The Fraternity on the Street center in Uberlandia/MG offered another fraternal shower service. On March 25th, the volunteers of our project went out with a van equipped with a mobile washroom to allow our homeless brothers to have a shower and do their personal hygiene. These people were also given a kit with body care products, a haircut, and on top of it, reading sessions, conversation and love.


The result of love!

Jonas de Oliveira, 46, has been assisted for three years by the Campo Grande/MS center. Nowadays, he is enrolled in a Nursing Technician course and has started his internship. The first hospital where he was an intern was at the Santa Casa in the city of Campo Grande, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. In the next few weeks, he and his classmates will be in other hospitals of the city. We wish you all the best, Jonas!!

“Having found Fraternity without Borders is a great gift I was given in my life

Keeping up with the news about each project makes me confident that we can build a better world. Going to the FWB meetings is like filing up with the best of fuels: love in abundance. Being able to get closer to the people who roll up their sleeves and change other people’s lives is inspiring! People such as Pastor Milton, who carries out a wonderful work at Clínica da Alma in our city (Campo Grande/MS). People who put into practice the principle of “loving God above all things and their neighbours as themselves”. It’s a beautiful life experience! Giving a hug, holding a child in our arms, giving a smile, a plate of food, giving education, affection, healthcare, a new chance in life and hope are the result of this chain of goodness. I wish we all can collaborate with this beautiful work that was certainly planned by Jesus. We all should do our part. After all, we are brothers and we only will be truly happy when everyone is happy. ”

Alessandra Lobato Arruda - Sponsor of the project