"Everyone who welcomes is also a mother!"

Soon we will receive 14 boys and 10 girls, who at the moment are in the hospital receiving medical care, with all the psychological assistance, all the meals of the day, affection, everything that a new home has to offer. And this was possible thanks to the resources coming from the Mother’s Day Campaign: “Everyone who welcomes is also a mother”, in which the prize was a costume used in the movie “My mother is a joke – 3” by the deceased comedian actor Paulo Gustavo.

With the money already in hand, we are providing a bigger place and, with your help, acquiring more beds, mattresses, sheets, clothes, and food. We are very happy that together we are able to receive more children!

Our special thanks go to Paulo Gustavo’s family and the production company Migdal Filmes that lent us the costume. The raffle was held on May 14 and the winner was Bianca Reis.



Changes: Crocheting classes

We were able to put into practice our first professional and therapeutic course. Crochet encourages concentration, develops the cognitive and motor system, and if perfected, is an excellent option for entrepreneurship. Among our 50 residents, so far, 6 young mothers and 3 children are taking the course.

This will certainly be the first of many.


We have already reached 50 people in the D. R. Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Through your love, who are the sponsors of this Project, today we welcome 50 children, offering basic care and affection, so that they grow up in a safe and peaceful environment.

But we know that all children deserve this security. That is why we need to go further. In Bukavu alone, where our orphanage is located, there are between 14 to 15 thousand street orphans. We will continue taking care of them!


Building of a new Welcome Center

About a month ago we told you that we have managed to buy a new piece of land for the expansion of the Project. Today's news is even better. We have already started the construction of our new orphanage.

Bigger and better to receive more childrenand with better quality. Very soon we will receive, at least, 24 more children. All of them are children who were taken off the streets in a critical situation of malnutrition. This is a time of drought in the Democratic Republic of Congo and many children die in the villages during this period.

Share your testimony with us. Just answer this email 😉


"Fraternity without Borders

has been taking in orphans, but the need is very big. They have done all they can, but it is still too little in the face of such great need and atrocities that these orphans have suffered. I have been with children who have drawn the death of their parents shot in the war, poisoned, and so many other problems that these kids have to deal with today.

Marcos Freire, a volunteer with the Orphans of Congo Project reports on what he saw on a recent visit to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo..