Volunteer Exchanges

From February 23rd to March 5th there was a volunteer exchange in cooperation with “Exchange do Bem”, an exchange program from São Paulo. The volunteers, who do not need to be sponsors of the project, went to Senegal to visit Chemin du Futur. They helped renovate eight classrooms in the public school where the children supported by the project study. The exchange visitors, who were from many Brazilian cities such as São Paulo and Uberlândia and even from Lisbon, in Portugal, visited a daara, a Koranic school run by Marabus (religious leaders) and could get to know about the cruel treatment boys are subjected to when they are victims of the Taliban. Besides, the volunteers contributed to the purchase of construction materials and cleaning supplies, to the installation of equipment and to the painting of the walls. It was beautiful!!


Relax moments

In the project’s orphanage, the sheltered children had fun painting their own hands in the wall. The purpose of this moment was to show them that they belong in that place, that they are wanted, loved and important, and that all of them should walk together.


The positive result of a live stream

Chemin du Futur did a live stream on March 27th tin conjunction with FWB and “Fundação Francisco e Clara de Assis”. The result of the live streaming was the donation of a mobile dental clinic to the project. The clinic can be taken and installed in various places and this will guarantee the dental health of our children and also have an impact in the community around Chemin du Futur. Thank you very much!


"Sponsoring is not an easy task

The first time I travelled I was 15 years-old. Today, at the age of 52, I see that Chemin du Futur filled the empty spaces, the holes that life leaves us throughout its course. When I see that these boys can dream about having a profession, that they are learning a language, being fed and, what’s more, teaching other children, this makes me immensely happy! It has never been so easy to choose to sponsor Chemin. I’m a mother of girls and, when I learned about the project from Edmilson’s lips, eyes and gestures, I was amazed. Here’s the purpose, I thought. Today I have no doubts that my heart beats for them, and I feel great affection, even love, for them. I don’t know how to explain, it’s a divine feeling. I felt bewitched by the project and with a strong desire to put an end to the Taliban phenomenon.

Ana Paula de Abreu - Sponsor of the project