Chemin +1

In December the Chemim du Futur project launched the Chemim +1 campaign, which ended on January 1st. The goal of the campaign was to guarantee a year of expenses paid, food, rent, internet, medicines, water, and electricity for the boys hosted by the orphanage. The adhesion of the internet users was high, they shared posts about the action, which was a way to contribute to the campaign, however, only 22% of the necessary amount was collected. 

Thanks to all the sponsors who contribute to the joy of our Chemin du Futur beneficiaries. Share the story and the actions of the project, so that more people are touched by the will to give a better life to the Senegalese boys.


Project Bakery

In the year 2022 we had the inauguration of the Chemim du Futur bakery. Through the project's bakery, we ensure warm bread for the children in foster, and we have also created an example of social business, in which all income from sales is used to invest in the project itself. In addition to sales, the project trains the inmates professionally so that if they wish, in the future, they can work as bakers and/or pastry chefs.


"We live in a world where projects like this are necessary

so that people can have a dignified life in our society. From the first moment in Dakar, with the boys, I could feel and see the importance that the project has in their lives. I could see how big the difference is between the children who are still homeless or in the Daaras, and those who live in the welcome center. The days begin and end full of energy (LOTS of energy) and smiles. I am very grateful to have experienced the project and connected with the children, because every day was a learning day. And despite the challenges, I plan to return to meet the friends I made there and maybe photograph them getting older and going to college! Thanks Chemin!"

Girad Arabi - Volunteer Photographer