New multi-sport courts

The multi-sport court of the Forest Garden Reception Center was damaged due to weather conditions. Thanks to sponsors and the partnership with Acnur, a renovation was carried out for a month and a half: floor and fencing were restored with a new layer of concrete and new wire, new basketball backboards were installed and all the painting was based on FWB identity. Pricumã Reception Center also got a new court (one of the few reception centers that did not have a sports structure).


More training for collaborators

After a busy January dedicated to take care of the physical health of our collaborators, in March it was time to have a training to take care of their psychological health. About 30 project collaborators attended lectures lead by Mariana Scicacci Rigonati, FWB Mental Health Group's psychotherapist and volunteer. Themes related to fundamental psychological care necessary to work in the field were discussed in the lectures, not only to deal with the people assisted, but also to give psychosocial support to humanitarian workers in our project.



The Reference and Training Center in Pacaraima and the Sustainability Center in Boa Vista were visited on March 28th by Davide Torzilli, representative on a mission for the United Nations High Commission in Brazil, and Johannes Zutt, World Bank Director in Brazil. They paid a visit in order to get to know the “Welcome Operation” structures, as well as some centers of “Brazil, a Heart that Welcomes”.


"Brazil, a Heart that Welcomes” moves our hearts not only because it welcomes,

but because it also contributes directly to recovering the autonomy and dignity of families who passed by our territory. To live the fraternity in each welcoming process is a daily challenge, to which our team is dedicated and committed. Beside welcoming non-native migrant families, our work has acquired more and more importance at the borders, since we have sought to extend our efforts, through new donations and sponsorships, to answer the needs of indigenous communities of Taurepang ethnicity, which with a fraternal gesture, welcomed their Venezuelan indigenous brothers who also needed to migrate. Sakaomutá, Taraoparu, Sorocaima and Bananal communities are nowadays assisted by “Brazil, a Heart that Welcomes”, in Pacaraima, Such work is only possible due to the support of our dear sponsors."
Kamyla Ferreira - Project Coordinator