The Young Emmanuel Orchestra has changed its name. It is now Orchestra Fraternity without Borders! ❤️

The project is going through reformulations: new name, new methods, new poles of action, expansion of class hours, and everything that is necessary for us to improve more and more and be able to welcome even more children and young people.

We are very happy with the new directions that the FWB Orchestra is taking and confident that we will build much needed and valid opportunities for these children.


More Students & Classes for 2023

In October and November, we opened enrollment for new students, and we have 92 children and teenagers registered. This is our record number of students so far, and we are very happy! Now the classes will go from once a week to two or three times a week and will be held in three centers in the Capital of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, in the districts of Danúbio Azul, Jardim Itamaracá and Jardim Inápolis. For the news about the enrollment to reach parents and guardians, we carried out a volunteer task force to take the news to them. That's right, we went house to house, talked to the families, explained the project, and invited them. The neighborhoods where the classes will take place are very needy and extremely socially vulnerable.


New Management

The Fraternity without Borders Orchestra has a new coordinator (volunteer): Leonardo Camy, who is also general manager of the FWB headquarters. Welcome Leonardo! Thank you for embracing this beautiful challenge with us!


Performances and Rehearsals

On October 15th, the Project participated in a solidarity action for Children's Day, in the Dom Antônio neighborhood, in Campo Grande/MS. The action was for 250 socially vulnerable children, from 8:30am to 12pm, with recreational activities, music, snacks, and toys. “Our goal was to bring, through music, joy, harmony, and socialization to our foster children and to all the other children who were there," explained the new coordinator of the Project, Leonardo Camy. On October 22nd, the children, and youngsters of the FWB Orchestra participated in a general rehearsal, at the Danúbio Azul center, for a performance on October 26th. The beginner and advanced classes played together, and when the beginners finished, the FWB team gave snacks to the children and teenagers. The long-awaited day arrived and the Orchestra performed at Dom Bosco Theater, at 7pm, in Campo Grande/MS. The presentation was a success, our children, and teenagers, who have been in the project the longest, performed beautiful music. Thank you, sponsors, for providing this to our children!


More instruments, more routes on the music trail

With more children in the project, our challenge now is to acquire more instruments so all 92 children can learn the art of music, and of course, even more sponsors so we can keep them in the project. So, if you can, we ask for an additional donation this year-end to contribute to this new moment of the project. And whenever you can, please spread the word, so that more hearts can join us. For everything, our gratitude!


"I am very happy about this work coming here to the Inápolis neighborhood,

Here the children have nothing to do besides school and everything is far away, some didn't even study this year. Many parents send them here daily to the Community Center to get a loaf of bread, because sometimes it is the only meal of the day. To be able to provide music for them is going to be amazing and beyond any expectations we could have here. I am very happy. Thank you FWB!"
Elaine dos Santos Leonel, n charge of the Soup House (a community center in the Inápolis neighborhood, now also a project center).