New Orphanage Opening

With great joy, we open our Welcoming Center of the Orphans of Congo Project. With the capacity to shelter 140 children, at this first moment we will welcome up to 100 kids. Babies, infants, children, teenagers, and young orphan mothers that were in extreme vulnerability situation, wandering the streets in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Now we will have bedrooms and a bigger kitchen, communal area, study room and workshops, and an external area to keep contact with nature. We are looking forward for the project to bring more opportunities to everyone.


Christmas Campaign for the Congo Orphans

During the inauguration of the new orphanage in Congo, we realized that we would not be able to host all the children and youngsters who asked us for help, because we do not have enough space yet for all of them. Facing this challenging reality, we decided to build two houses for 45 children in Bukavo and to start a new orphanage in Goma for about 200 children.
That is why we need to raise 1 million Brazilian Reais and we know that with our chain of fraternity everything is possible.


Fraternity transforms

Elia is 5 years old and presented with severe malnutrition. Our volunteers took him to the hospital and with your support, our sponsors, we were able to afford the treatment for almost 2 months of hospitalization. Today, he is in our orphanage, surrounded by lots of love, safety, a comfortable place to sleep and plenty of food every meal of the day.

Sifa making arts and crafts

Sifa, an only 11 years old girl, was found sleeping in an old car, without doors or windows. Our chain of fraternity took her in and changed her life. In our orphanage, she has a home, a bed to sleep, all the necessary meals, safety, and a lot of love. Want to know more?

Zawadi having crochet lessons

Remember that in the last Inside the Project we talked about the crochet classes? Look at the changes they have already made! At the age of 12, Zawadi became interested in handicrafts, and today the moms, also welcomed by the Project, are teaching her. She loves it!
Because of the internal conflicts in DRC and hunger, she became an orphan and was in a vulnerable situation. The country's child protection agency referred her to our shelter, where now she is, and she is safe.

Another baby to call our own!

On September 16th we received a new bundle of love. A young mother named Kungwa, whose name means “twin”, gave birth to little Espoir, meaning “hope”. He is the fifth baby to be born in a safe and loving environment. We are very grateful for this beautiful gift!


"Hunger has increased a lot, especially in the poorest countries of the world.

But something also strikes us: the rich have become even richer. Maybe it is time to reflect a little more. Why does the number of refugees in the world continue to increase? And why do the borders remain strong towards their fellows?"
Wagner Moura Gomes, founder-president of Fraternity Without Borders.