First Psychology Caravan in Africa!

The main goal of our 10 sponsors and volunteers was to provide training in specialized listening for cases of violence and conflict mediation for the collaborators of the Ubuntu Nation Project (teachers, areas managers, parents’ committee of the Ubuntu School, employees, daycare workers, and the refugee camp population). Workshops, lectures, and conversations took place.

In 6 days of caravan, 4 groups attended simultaneously and managed to talk to more than 500 people. Additionaly, 79 individualized consultations were held. “This is for them to have autonomy, so they can go on with the Project without depending on anyone from the outside, someone who comes from Brazil”, explained Adriana Dornellas, coordinator of the volunteer initiative Mental Health without Borders. 

We are aware that caring for those who care is also fundamental for us to continue our great chain of fraternity. 


Circular-shaped classrooms at Ubuntu School

We have built new classrooms for the elementary school and, this time, we have chosen the circular-shaped rooms to receive our little ones. This new format is reminiscent of traditional villages in Malawi, due to its circular shape and thatched roof. Moreover, the "being in a circle" is very important for the Ubuntu philosophy, as it favors inclusion, and, in this case, helps the teachers' mediation. This model is used in prayers, meetings, gatherings, and now also in our little school.


More productivity in the fields!

With the purpose of increasing the production area in the three crops where we have already planted, we received the volunteer and agronomist Felipe Bahia to speed up the process. He arrived to help with the land preparation, stone removal, improvement, and fertilizer placement. Together with the volunteers and the mothers of the field, an irrigation system was implemented using plastic water gallons. We are grateful!


Sow opportunity. Reaping dignity.

We have a Reception Center right next to the camp, with lots of opportunities for refugees. We are managing to provide decent jobs for 270 women in the fields, with day care for their children and remuneration for the women. But there are still dozens of women in the refugee camp who turn to prostitution to make ends meet: feeding their children.


"What I wanted to share here is the love, what I felt there.

I say that when I arrived, I arrived with a heart full of nostalgia, because I did not know love as I witnessed there. I had contact with many new and very good feelings. I realized that amid so much sadness, there is perseverance, hope, and love," says Luiza Lima, godmother and caravanavan.