Water distribution in Acuba

The FWB is now serving the community of Acuba, in Madagascar. With the help of the first well that was drilled in the City of Fraternity, it is possible to supply the region’s residents with drinking water. Volunteer Silmar Moura went to the area and recorded a video showing the difficulties in getting water. Check below how the delivery went.


FWB City Water Reservoir

Now the project has a water reservoir in the City of Fraternity. The capacity is to hold more than 40 thousand liters of water, that will help in the routine of the project, which becomes another tool for summing up and in the community. We are grateful to all the godfathers and godmothers!

At FWB ‘s Peace Camp in Madagascar, the medical care doesn’t stop! According to the Project’s family doctor, Rodrigo Higor, on average more than 100 children under 2 years old are vaccinated. The service also extends to prenatal care and medical monitoring of pregnant women who are welcomed by the Madagascar Action. There are more than 80 consultations per month in these cases.

The medical clinic also carries out more than 30 hospitalizations and offers over 50 consultations for mental health patients. In addition, there is continuous medical care in the Toby Village, with more than 40 family planning consultations and short lectures on the practice of integration among the residents.  

Nutritional Center Inaugurated in Ambaleandro

The Ambaleandro region was welcomed by the FWB. We observed that there was a community in dire need of help urgently. We started with food for the population and throughout these months, with the help of sponsors, we built the first Nutrition Center, in Ambaleandro, that was inaugurated last November. The site already serves more than 560 children who receive a quality, nutrient-rich meal. Much appreciation to everyone who contributed to make this Center a reality!



More than 1,200 seedlings of trees native to the Madagascar region were planted in the City of Fraternity. The action was carried out together with the local community, which also contributed to the recovery process of an area affected by the strong sandstorms that happen very often in the south of the island. We are sure that life will arise and flourish more and more in Madagascar!


"On the recommendation of an FWB volunteer,

I went to take care of a person during the pandemic and when I left, she gave me a ticket to Madagascar, because she knew this was my biggest dream! I always believed that I would go there, and that God would do it for me! Today I only think about one thing: to return! In Madagascar, they have no material possessions, but they are infinitely richer than we are. Their smiles, hugs and looks are indescribable. They radiate love everywhere!”

Ivania Mendes, godmother of the Action Madagascar Project.