2 years of Capacitation Center and Reference

The Capacitation and Reference Center ofo ur project, which is located between Brazil and Venezuela, in Pacaraima, completed 2 years of daily activities taking into consideration refugees and venezuelans migrants, non-indigenous and indigenous, besides brazilians, brazilian indigenous and people from other nationalities. In 2021, we supported around 1000 people, with our service of access facilitation regarding digital work portfolio, social benefits, retirements, curriculum vitae confections to the Brazilian Market, entrepeneurship courses subscription and Portuguese language which, with partners, we were able to offer. In 2022, we performed 4.600 supports of emissions of work cards and registration in social services, besides 1.200 curriculum vitaes performed. Now, it is simply time to celebrate.


Interiorization by Volunteer Welcoming

We´ve got the possibility of interiorization, via our volunteer welcoming, throughout we count on help from people like you, which are sponsors from the Fraternity without Borders, besides other intitutions via partnership. In 2022 we have already internalizated over 16 familiar centers from refugee people and migrants from Venezuela, thanks to this support. However we need to move further. Only on welcoming centers we are referring to more than 2 thousand people awaiting for an opportunity to restart in Brazil. This possibility gives us the opportunity to offer a better futur to single parent families, people containing serius ilnesses, people containing intelectual deficiency and/or physical, elderly, among other people in vulnerability situation. Let´s move together on this chain?


Tree Day

The sustainable processes are part of our values and, among them, we are transforming out spaces. In September 21st, we celebrate with a beautiful action, the Tree Day. The Sustainability Center performed a donation of arounf 50 mint seedlints, basil, and small palm trees. We mobilized children and indigenous teenagers at the Forest Garden Indigenous Welcoming Center and together we could make a vegetable Garden to the community.

Children´s Day

We celebrate it in October, the Children´s Day, that was an union among colaborators and teams which represent fronts of work from the Project. Our more than 2 thousand welcoming were benefited by these activities, since the fun is for the entire family, for all communities. All of our gratitude to our sponsors, volunteers and friends from the FWB cause who make all of these possible, who turn this dream into a reality to our little ones.


Klebber Toledo visits the Pricumã Welcoming Center.

The actor and presenter Klebber Toledo as Mi Casa Project volunteer, Tu Casa (which in partership with some welcoming centers), visiting the Pricumã Welcoming Center, from the Brazil Project Management, a Heart that Welcomes, in Boa Vista, Roraima. As an opportunity, he knew the space, played with the children and visited the library which was installed by Mi Casa, Tu Casa. Klebber left a message to Brazil: “Look outside, there are too much people in need of. In case you have 2 pencils and are not in need of one of them, give one. In case you´ve got nothing, give your time”.


“I was at the streets, we didn´t have what to eat, where to sleep

and I was welcomed. We didn´t passed hungry anymore. They gave everything and I could even bring my mother. The project helped me to have a formal work, rent my space and today I also have a motorbike that I purchased from my work and from the help I received. Then I decided making a tattoo, thanking Fraternity without Borders.
Lennys Anais Brito Figueroa, Venezuelan, who has already been welcomed by the Brazilian Project, A Heart that Welcomes and today is a contributor.