By Taemã Oliveira, press office FWB/Boa Vista – Roraima   The Brazil Project, welcoming heart and  Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organization, Fraternidade sem Fronteiras (FSF), in Roraima, is making a campaign to collect school supplies for refugees and Venezuelan migrants. The donations can be: school notebooks of 10, 15 and 20 subjects, pencils, erasers, pens, backpacks and
Fraternity Without Borders’ project provides solidarity rental assistance to families who became unemployed and homeless during Covid-19 By Marco Antonio Cruz – FWB Press Office     Since September 2020, the Fraternity in the Streets Project, the São Paulo branch of the humanitarian organization Fraternity without Borders (FWB), has been working with the goal of
With the recycling of caps and plastic bottles, students from Brazil will send donations to Fraternity without Borders projects in Africa By Kethelyn Mara – FWB     The Christian school Estação Criança, in Campo Grande – MS, joined the educational program Bottles into the Sea, of the humanitarian organization Fraternity Without Borders (FWB) and
In Pacaraima, FWB’s Center for Training and Reference receives action to relocate refugees and migrants in the labor market. The initiative had the partnership of World Vision (Visão Mundial) and resulted in the issuance of work cards and preparation of resumes for more than 100 people. By Taemã Oliveira, FWB     The Training and
Refugees and migrants opted for the process and won the chance of a fresh start in other states of Brazil By Taemã Oliveira, FWB Press Office/Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil  The project “Brazil, a heart that welcomes” from the humanitarian organization Fraternity without Borders (FWB) works in the state of Roraima, welcoming refugee families and migrants